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Life Sucks When You Are Fat

Maybe we’re a little bit alike?  I’ve been fat since childhood.  You?

I lost a bunch of weight in high school because of the sports I played … I kept it off in college mostly because I couldn’t afford to eat very much … well, that and I rode my  bike everywhere for lack of a car.

But once I got a car, got a job, moved into the real world I have steadily gained weight.   I’ve had some periods of nice weight loss but it always comes back … and more.

I was 152# in high school.

I was a strong 185# (with very little fat) in college.

Now I’m 34 and 310 pounds … I’m somewhere near 45% body fat.

I hate life this way.  I affects everything I do.  I effects how I feel about myself, what I want to do, what I avoid, how I get along each day.

I’m tired of this and am going to see if going public with my campaign will help me stick to it.

There are five things I (believe) I need to overcome to lose the weight – each of these will be frequent topics of this BLOG:

1) Eat healthy foods

2) Find a system that works for me

3) Develop/Find my old will power

4) Become more structured

5) Develop a support (or guilt) system

My goal is to get under 200 pounds … that’s over 100 pounds lost eventually.  I hope to use this BLOG as my journal and as a public face that keeps me accountable.  It would be incredible if others are able to contribute and gain from this effort I’m undertaking.

*****************From a calculator*********

You are aiming to lose 100 pounds. Based on an average weight loss of 1.2 pounds per week, you will reach your goal weight on:   Nov 8, 2011 (600 calorie deficit per day) or June 15, 2011 (800) or  Mar 20, 2011 (1000)  or Nov 3 2019 (100 per day)